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My book, Soft Landings, now has its very own website which can be found at this edress:  , which is a sub-folder of this website. The book is no longer on this website.
I have been working very hard on the website and the book has now become a complete presentation. There is a cover, a frontispiece and a table of contents, from which you can access any page, but from there on it reads more like a book so that from any of the 24 pages you can only navigate to the previous page or the next page.
One of the main reasons that I separated the 44,000 words into all these pages was first to decrease the loading times for the soundtrack music, but also to match the scene on the page with music that added to, enhanced or even advanced the narrative. Although the book is now presentable as a multimedia presentation – you can grasp the concept I am reaching for – it is still not close to what I hope to achieve.
Most of the music is mine but a significant proportion was written by two close friends, Bill & Reni Slais, with whom I worked in the Elvin Bishop Band in the mid 70’s. They were very prolific songwriters at that time and I had several tapes of the demos they produced. Recently my good friend Dave Grover, another EBB alumnus, re-mastered one of the tapes and when I matched some of the songs with the scenes in the book I discovered that Joanne (the main character) had found her voice. The songs were not just ‘soundtrack’, they added to the story. Both Bill and Reni Simon (they have moved on) have generously granted their permission for the use of their music. 
Also prominent in the presentation is the inclusion of 3 songs by the L.A. Boppers in which I played a solo. Saxophone music is a big part of the story so the inclusion of the Boppers songs just felt right, particularly when I found they also enhanced the story. Obtaining permission for their usage will be somewhat more problematic. I am a long way from profiting from anyone else’s intellectual property, though, so at this point copyright infringement is the least of my concerns. My concern is the cohesive integration of the multimedia presentation.
I am also struggling with technology. The major drawback with MS Publisher, the website construction program in MS Office, is the problem of embedding audio files in any given page. The only option available is to include a tag in the html file pointing to a large mp3 file which loads very slowly and does not play until the whole file has loaded. The answer is to stream the audio file, ala You Tube, where the viewer can see the file loading while the part that has already loaded begins to play, but MS Publisher cannot perform that task. The website for Soft Landings suffers from this drawback so please be patient while the music loads. I have just started to learn the Adobe Creative Suite software but fluency is a long way away so, again, please be patient with me.
I am calling this the 4th draft because the inclusion of the music adds a whole new perspective. The music has also inspired many new approaches that may add up to another 10- to 15,000 words. A total of 60,000 words is almost a novel – Yee-Haw!
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~ Chuck
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As you can see – if you have visited here before – the website has been reconstructed. This upgrade is dated December 3rd, 2011. I have streamlined the content, shortened the biography and generally cut out the fluff. The music loads slowly on this site, too, so please be patient.
~ Chuck

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